What's Going on

Saturday Morning Sessions in 2019

Saturday morning sessions will resume on the 12th of January, please ensure you bring warm clothes, as we are expecting tempretures of around 6 Degrees.

Kayak Surfing Trip - June 21st to 23rd

Our First trip for the sole purpose of going surf kayaking, the details will be confirmed shortly.

Fairlop Fair - The First Satuday of July

Fairlop Fair once again returns, we will once again be holding our annual cardboard boat race, now in its 3rd year, as well as a ton of other fun events and activities

Wales Whitewater Trip - 27th- 29th of September

We will be returning to Wales on this weekend, if you have any suggestions of rivers, Let us know.

River Dart trip - 12th- 14th November 201

Once again we are returning to the Lower Aish Bunkhouse for our trip to the River Dart. More Details to follow.